HBO appointed the premiere of the eighth season of the “Games of Thrones” for 2019

Cable television channel HBO on Thursday night made a short press release confirming the information that the remaining six episodes of the final season of the “Game of Thrones” will be released in 2019. Production of the eighth season of “Games of Thrones” began in October and is expected to last until August 2018 – just one year after the release of the final series of the seventh season.

Sophie Turner: “The Eighth Season of the Games of Thrones will be released in 2019”

“The shooting is quite complicated – it takes place on different continents, with all technical aspects – and special effects – a completely different production period, which is an important factor,” said HBO program director Casey Blois, commenting on the long break between the seasons of the “Game of Thrones”. We remind you, the eighth season will consist of six episodes, and, as previously stated in HBO, Miguel Sapocnik and David Nutter again take on the director’s duties.