Former husband of Monica Bellucci marries a 21-year-old

51-year-old French actor Vincent Cassel prepares for the wedding with his 21-year-old sweetheart – a model of Tina Kunaki. The other day the pair took part in a special photo shoot for the Vanity Fair magazine, and in an interview with the magazine’s correspondent they confessed that they were preparing for the wedding.

The girl admitted that she did not expect the offer of a hand and heart from Vincent, not immediately answering him with consent. Also, Tina said that she did not know about the star status of Kassel, since she had not watched any films with his participation before. The actor himself in communication with the press noted that he was very surprised when he first learned about the age of his new lover, yet the 30-year-old difference did not embarrass him, and he had already shown the girl’s parents the seriousness of their intentions before making an offer to her.

Vincent Cassel previously for 14 years was married to the famous actress Monica Bellucci, who in 2004 and 2010 gave birth to him two daughters. In August 2013 they divorced.

“It seemed to me that I did everything I had to do: I was married and raised two beautiful daughters, I decided to be free, and my bachelor life was really fun, but after a while I realized that my life is empty. I did not expect to meet someone, but it happened, and this woman was much younger than I could imagine, “Kassel said.