I went to a new “Predator”. Meh…

I waited for this film, especially after the grandiose failure called “Alien: Covenant.” Such universe should live. Especially now, when the screens are flooded with continuous comics. Personally, I wanted to see the next part of the “Predator” in the spirit of the original film.

I expected to see a tough and dynamic thriller, perhaps not as stressful as the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I wanted to believe that the very same “Hawkins” will make the continuation as hard and exciting as possible. The first two parts of the “Predators” were about the collision of an alien hunter and one of the more experienced warriors from the camp of people. It was natural, even by today’s standards and after thousands of watched movies of this genre. Well, what about here? And here we have a comedy where the military escaping from the psychiatric hospital fight with the predator, who joke a lot, to the place and out of place. Scientist, who fights along with the special forces. Probably, they taught at biology lessons. And the autistic kid, who figured out the hieroglyphs of predators.

The predator himself does not try to kill people with sophistication. There is no hunt or puzzle – a frontal confrontation between the two races. Remember the hunter from the second part. He brings fear to the city, traces the victims, plays with them. Immediately, the predator is a butcher, who stumbles forward like a tank, but without that “savagery”. There is no alarming atmosphere at all. There is only a sea of ​​blood and severed limbs.

The film is a disappointment, a complete, weak script, a terrible game of useless characters, invulnerability of the main characters, little predator, it’s unclear why the dogs entered into the film and a lot of other nonsense. Older films are several orders of magnitude higher, even if they are covered with criticism “strangers against a predator”, just a masterpiece.